Power behind Pheromones

The power of the pheromones

Here are four popular pheromones for attraction and love. I have provided you with text and will follow with a short video on how to use the pheromone perfumes.

How pheromones induce a sexual response
How pheromones induce a sexual response
Image of Miel de Amor Pheromone:

Miel de Amor Pheromone

Wear this oil when you feel depressed about your marriage falling apart and/or to find the inner strength to fight for the survival of your relationship.

Image of Fire of love Pheromone

Fire of love Pheromone

Spark up your love life with the fire of love pheromone. There are many times when our love relationships simply run out of gas because we get preoccupied with our daily routines and stress. Wear this pheromone oil and revive the romance missing in your relationship.

Image of Gypsy Love Pheromone

Gypsy Love Pheromone

I recommend this pheromone for the woman with a free and curious spirit. A person who is not necessarily ready or looking for a commitment. Wear this special pheromone and you will attract positive love energy and also great magnetism and attraction.

Image of Patchouli Pheromone

Patchouli Pheromone

An ancient oil that will arouse that special person that you want to attract. This was Cleopatra’s favorite scent and history states that she attracted men instantly. Her scent was erotic and had men immediately falling at her feet.

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