Meet the family

Lucia Orea Chapa

Lucia Orea Chapa

Herbalist, 2nd Generation Owner.

Lucia’s knowledge of herbal remedies and her contribution as a herbalist to the business has helped thousands of people heal naturally with her specialized herbal formulas. She continues to play an active role in the operation of the business by offering her expertise as a herbalist in the development and promotion of herbal products.

Ana Fregoso Avaknin

Ana Fregoso Avaknin


Ana is President and director of operations for the Tex-Mex Curios Corporation. Ana learned her trade growing up around the store environment. She expanded her knowledge of homeopathic and holistic approaches to health through her travels throughout Europe and the Middle East. Additionally, she lived in Spain where she owned and operated a health club. Ana studied at Texas A & I and UT Austin and received her undergraduate degree in Spanish literature. Ana has written several books in English and Spanish. Her books include “A Guide to tarot Readings using the Spanish Cards: Modern English Version; Cross of Caravaca: Modern English Version; Cross of Caravaca, Collection of Prayers, Bi-lingual. Ana continues to work with Tex-Mex team offering her insight into the area of legendary spiritual beliefs and traditions which have existed for centuries.

Angela Fregoso Gaines

Angela Fregoso Gaines

Vice President and Attorney at Law.

Angela grew up learning to merchandise with her siblings in the family business. She has held executive positions with several start-up ventures including significant participation in successful ventures conducting wholesale and franchise operations. She is now in charge of national marketing efforts and provides basic legal counsel to management. Angela received an undergraduate degree in communications from Texas A&I and received her law degree from the University of Houston.